Reusable silicone nipple covers Brown

Reusable, ideal in combination with Inodes Boob tape
Have you run out of nipple covers? With these reusable nipple covers from Inodes you will never have to deal with that again. The nipple covers stick well to your body and continue to do so.

No visible nipples
Your nipples will no longer be visible due to the silicone material. Unlike other thinner nipple covers, your nipples will not stand out with these covers.

Nice and comfortable
The nipple covers feel soft on the skin and do not irritate the skin. With the covers from Inodes you will always feel comfortable. Light weight and thin so that the covers are invisible under your clothes. Say goodbye to awkward moments.

Step 1 : Wash your hands and breasts with water and dry them well
Step 2 : Remove the protective film from the nipple covers.
Step 3 : Place the covers on your nipples and gently press the edges.
Step 4: Keep the foil, after use you need to replace the foil so that it remains dust-free.

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