Prepare your skin

First, prepare your skin by cleaning it with soap and water, and make sure it is completely dry. This will help the boob tape to adhere properly to your skin.

Cut to length

Next, cut a piece of boob tape to the desired length. You will want the tape to be long enough to cover the area where you want the lift, but not so long that it will be difficult to handle.

Start from the bottom

To apply the tape, start at the bottom of your bust and work your way up. Apply the tape to your skin in a diagonal direction, pulling it gently but firmly to create lift and support.

Secure the tape

As you apply the tape, make sure to smooth it down and press it firmly onto your skin. This will help to ensure that it stays in place and doesn't lift or peel off.

Final Check

Finally, check to make sure that the tape is secure and doesn't lift or peel off when you move around. If it feels loose or uncomfortable, you can apply more tape to secure it in place.

By following these steps, you can apply boob tape to create a strapless, lifted look without any straps or other support. The tape is strong and durable, and it will stay in place all day long. Happy taping!

Pro Tip:

The tape is easily removable, but to remove it completely painlessly, you can use Inodes removal oil or cream on the tape. Read more tips on removing the tape here.

Different taping styles

Mistakes to avoid While breast taping may sound simple, there are some things to keep in mind to avoid discomfort or accidents.

Tape is too tight You want the tape to be tight enough to hold your breasts in place, but you also want it to be comfortable and not restrict your blood flow by being too tight.

Tape is too loose In this case, you'll end up with a look that's far from what you wanted. If you wear the tape too loosely, the tape can also show through your clothing.

Yaks! So be sure to check that your tape is properly applied before you leave the comfort of your home.

Pay attention! Even though the tape is designed for use on the skin, removing it can be painful so be careful! Read the instruction manual before use and avoid errors.